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Why Sally's Galley?

According to the dictionary, GALLEY is a noun and is most commonly known as a kitchen on a boat, ship, train, or aircraft.

According to the dictionary KITCHEN is a noun and is generally known as a food preparation area, also a room or part of a room or building in which food is prepared and cooked.

If we take it a bit further, a Kitchen, or Galley, is also

Sally's Galley A space for inspiration and preparation

Sally's Galley An area where things are either highly organized or extremely disorganized and eventually become organized in order to achieve success

Needless to say, a Galley is an organized place where good taste reigns.

Using her Galley, Sally applies these very concepts to every project, whether organizing financials or other items, as she works to help others do what they love and do best by doing what she loves and does best!!

Sally's Galley

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