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"I have observed Sally's organizational skills as teaching colleagues, personal friends and a businesswoman. She organized my recipe piles into neat, logical user-friendly binders. No more flipping through fifty recipes to find the one I need! She's the best!"Catherine M. (Major Recipe Binder Organization Project)

"As a published author of 10 books, I can say that the task would have been very difficult without Sally's help typing, formatting and editorial suggestions. She is a very talented, dedicated and reliable assistant."Jerry L. (Author, Motivational Speaker)

"Sally's Galley gave me the ability to always know my financial position...this gave me the platform to take my business to the next level. Thanks Sally for all your detailed work."Kevin M. (QuickBooks financials plus Organization and Office flow suggestions)

"I am writing this testimonial today because Sally Vaughn is an Angel sent directly from above to help keep me from having a nervous breakdown! I was overwhelmed with paper work at our office, every day I would stare blankly at the piles, where to start?  Instead of spending days ignoring the growing piles and messy files I called Sally.  Having Sally come to the office and do her magic has allowed me the time I need to do the things I enjoy, like making sure our patients are comfortable and cared for in our waiting room. A few months after Sally started helping we received a notice from the IRS. We were being audited for 2007. Since Sally had already begun the arduous job of getting my books in order with QuickBooks, when I asked her to help me further, she was happy to. What else can I say, she’s a gem!!"Victoria M. (Chiropractic Office, QuickBooks financials, Filing System and Maintenance)

"A friend told me about Sally when I told her about my out-of-control office. I had stacks and boxes of paperwork that had taken over my space, not to mention the problems of not knowing where things were or where to keep new paperwork. Sally came to my office, and after a brief conversation, knew exactly what to do and went right to work. Within an hour and a half, I had a working filing system and a good start on sorting things out. We set up weekly meetings and sorted things into the filing system or recycling. In four fun and efficient sessions, the boxes and piles were gone and I had a filing system I could use. Now I'm looking at the beautiful grain on my mahogany desk, I'm more productive and I feel a ton lighter. Thanks Sally!!"Neil Brown, (Business Owner)

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