Sally's Galley Administrative Services

Update your financials in QuickBooks

Sally's Galley Update Financial Records
Sally's Galley Data Entry
Sally's Galley Payroll Assistance

Transform your piling system into a filing system

Sally's Galley Organize Files
Sally's Galley Maintain Files
Sally's Galley Create New Systems

There are 24 hours in your day. How would you really like to spend them?

Sally's Galley offers a pantry of skills. Small businesses and individuals use Sally Vaughn's administrative services because of her:

Sally's Galley Varied and strong skill set
Sally's Galley Over 16 years QuickBooks experience
Sally's Galley Credentials - BS degree, Lifetime Teaching Credential
Sally's Galley Quality of performance
Sally's Galley Efficiency - Sally gets the job done right and promptly!
Sally's Galley Reputation for honesty and integrity
Sally's Galley Flexibility and sociability
Sally's Galley Follow-through

Hire Sally's Galley for one project or on a long-term basis to bring your records up to date so you clearly understand your financial picture and make better decisions.

Or let Sally help you gather your boxes of treasures from the garage or spare room, and organize them into a creative display!

Administrative Support by Sally Vaughn

Restore Balance in your life so that you can focus on the passion of your business and your life!

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