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My passion is using my skills to help others restore the BALANCE in their life!

Passion? Why would I enjoy doing that?

You see, I’m one of those people that have been teased all my life – much of that for being so organized! 

Sally's Galley My locker was so organized, people gawked when they walked by
Sally's Galley My notebooks were never marked down for being messy or out of order…
Sally's Galley Everything in my room had a specific place to rest…
Sally's Galley I usually helped my Mom plan menus for family get-togethers…
Sally's Galley My LP’s (yes, I still have them) CD’s, DVD’s and even my spices are always in alphabetical order…
Sally's Galley These days, it’s me that gets included on the picnics – my friends know I’ll have everything ready to present the meal, and more!

Sally Vaughn
Sally's Galley

Some call this “Type A”… I call this the Sally’s Galley way!

Over 16 years of QuickBooks experience – I LOVE doing this, too!  Is this so wrong???

Do you think papers are the only things that need to be organized?
Do You Run out of Time or Energy before You Get to Your To-Do List?

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Question: Who would you like to organize your office? Put financial records back in order? 


You want someone who knows how to dig in to clutter and stale financial records, and LOVES EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

You want someone who can clean up the piles and the numbers, and LOVES EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

How do I do all this?

Sally's Galley Work with clients in their business
Sally's Galley Work with clients in their home
Sally's Galley Work from my home to do computer entry so businesses can run smoothly without unnecessary interruptions

Restore Balance in your life so that you can focus on the passion of your business and your life!

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