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Sally’s Galley does Tax Ready Books. I let the CPA’s and Accountants keep track of tax laws and changes for tax preparation. This allows me to do what I specialize in:
Sally's Galley Provide short term help to set up QuickBooks
Sally's Galley Work with business owners to set up the accounts geared toward their particular type of business
Sally's Galley Provide training in how to do specific transaction entries correctly for business owners who prefer to do their own books, or who have a person in-house who will take over these responsibilities
Sally's Galley If needed, Sally’s Galley is available to clients on a monthly or quarterly basis to provide the service of entering all transactions and reconciling accounts. The frequency of visits is determined by the size of the business

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Are you currently using Quicken for Personal and Business?
The need for reporting geared towards Business leads to creating a new company in QuickBooks solely for the Business
Sally's Galley Profit & Loss reports Sally's Galley Balance Sheets Sally's Galley Year-to-Year comparisons Sally's Galley And more
Converting Quicken to QuickBooks involves a step-by-step process which saves only the data to be used for the business. 
Sally's Galley One or two meetings needed to do the conversion and review the new set-up
Sally's Galley Perhaps a follow up session to verify transactions are entered correctly

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